Chicken Bhajji Recipe

Preparation Time
Difficulty Easy
Occasion Picnic Recipes
Recipe Type Snacks
Cuisine South Indian

The recipe for Chicken Bhaji varies greatly as it is essentially a fast food dish to be prepared quickly. The general procedure for making the bhaji remains the same.It can be eaten as a snack or as a meal in itself. It is often eaten as an evening snack between lunch and dinner, particularly in western India


Ingredient Quantity Calories Fat Cholestrol
Chicken 0.5 kilogram 825 17.5 4.25
Wheat Flour 2 tablespoon 10.08 5.6
All purpose flour 1 tablespoon 21.3
Egg 1 nos 77.5 5.3 0.21
Chilli powder 0.25 teaspoon 0.1
Ginger Garlic Paste 0.5 teaspoon 0.11
Cumin 0.25 teaspoon 2 0.12
Garam Masala 1 teaspoon 3.25
Salt 2 pinch 0
939.34 28.52 4.46

Preparation Method

  1. 1 Mix all the ingredients (except Chicken) and make a thick paste.
  2. 2 Add the Chicken pieces in the paste and let it marinate for a span of 1 hr.
  3. 3 Deep fry the Chicken pieces in Oil.
  4. 4 Now take a little of that Oil, add Onion and green Chilieses and sauté.
  5. 5 Use the above to garnish the Chicken before serving.