Egg Samosa Recipe

Preparation Time
Difficulty Moderately easy
Occasion Diwali , Picnic Recipes
Recipe Type Snacks
Cuisine West India

Egg samosa is rich starter or a snack. This is a double fried recipe, which is a spicy preparation so reduce the quantity of chilies as per your taste.


Ingredient Quantity Calories Fat Cholestrol
All purpose flour 250 gram 887.5
Egg 1 nos 77.5 5.3 0.21
Water 1 cup 0
Salt 1 teaspoon 0
Ghee 1 teaspoon 82.7 8.96 2.33
Oil 1 as required 90 12.65 2
Onion 50 gram 20 0.05
Green Chillies 1 flake 0.9
1158.6 26.96 4.54

Preparation Method

  1. 1 Add Water to the all all purpose flour and knead into dough. Keep aside for a while.
  2. 2 Beat the Egg well and add Onion, green Chilies, Coriander Seedss leaves and Salt to it.
  3. 3 Now take two small balls of the dough and spread Ghee in between them. Roll out together into a Chapathi.
  4. 4 Heat the tawa, and place the Chapathi on it.
  5. 5 Take it out when fried on both sides, and shake a little Till the both Chapathis separates.
  6. 6 Now cut it long into stripes.
  7. 7 Take each stripe, put some Egg mixture on it, roll up and deep fry unTil golden brown Serve hot with ketchup.