Shredded Chicken Recipe

Preparation Time
Difficulty Easy
Occasion Ramzan
Recipe Type Dinner
Cuisine Mexican Cuisine

Shredded chicken is easy to use in a variety of recipes, from tacos to sandwiches to casseroles. Whether adding shredded chicken to salad or soup, consider using both dark- and light-meat shredded chicken. Slow cooking on low heat makes the pieces unbelievably tender and tasty.


Ingredient Quantity Calories Fat Cholestrol
Chili Sauce 0.66 cup 108.9
Salad Oil 1.5 tablespoon 344.52 39.15
Onion 1 nos 28 0.07
Chicken 2 cup 462 9.8 2.38
Jalapenos 1 nos 4.2 0.08
947.62 49.1 2.38

Preparation Method

  1. 1 Heat the Oil in a pan and saute the Onion unTil soft.
  2. 2 Then stir in the shredded Chicken, Jalapenos and enchillada sauce.
  3. 3 Simmer uncovered on low heat, stirring occassionally for a few minutes.
  4. 4 Can be used as a filling for enchilladas or torTillas.